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  1. W. White says:

    This is the “New” Old Post-Dispatch Building, not to be confused with the “Old” Old Post-Dispatch Building, which is at Tucker and Olive. Neither is the Post-Dispatch’s original building; I think it moved a couple of times before it built the “Old” Old Post-Dispatch Building. I have no idea what this building was before it was home to the Post-Dispatch, which moved into it in 1960; I am sure someone else knows. I know it gets less attention than the house across the street at 911 Tucker, a house which has received too much attention lately, in the form of a hideous interior renovation: http://developstl.org/911-n-tucker-blvd-saint-louis-mo-63101.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      You might have missed the news. The Post-Dispatch is moving out of this building into a smaller building down the street. This will in fact be the “Old” Post-Dispatch building in the next sixth months. I labeled it as such as to save the trouble of going back and editing it in the future.

      1. W. White says:

        I know they are moving out. I referred to it as the “New” Old Post-Dispatch Building so that it is not confused with the “Old” Old Post-Dispatch Building, which is at Tucker and Olive. There will now be two historic, Old Post-Dispatch Buildings within a few blocks of each other on Tucker. Without better labeling of those buildings, there will be a lot of confusion as to which one is being referred to.

        Vanishing STL has a post about the “Old” Old Post-Dispatch Building: http://vanishingstl.blogspot.com/2010/10/hiding-in-plain-sight-part-2-unmasked.html.

        1. W. White says:

          Also, as I stated in my first comment, the “Old” Old Post-Dispatch Building was not even the paper’s first building. The Old Old Post-Dispatch Building was preceded by the Old Old Old Post-Dispatch Building on Broadway, demolished in the 1970s. That building was the fourth Post-Dispatch building: https://www.builtstlouis.net/opos/lutheran.html.

          Simply saying Post-Dispatch Building or even Old Post-Dispatch Building is just not going to cut it. There have been a lot of Post-Dispatch Buildings, some of which still exist.

          Also, that does not count the surviving printing buildings such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rotogravure Printing Plant on Duncan, which is being renovated but is not to be confused with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Printing Building, which is on Olive next to the Old Old Post-Dispatch Building and has already been renovated into an office/tech building.

          There may not be much of paper anymore, but they left a few buildings scattered around as a reminder of what was.

  2. W. White says:

    Also, I have never noticed how uneven the brickwork on this building is. It is much more Arts & Crafts than Art Deco. Art Deco buildings usually have very regular, machine-like brickwork. This brickwork is very odd for this style building.

  3. Holly Hildebrand says:

    The Globe-Democrat occupied this building before the Post moved in. I heard there is a Globe owl symbol on the building. The Globe moved down the street to 12th and Delmar and used the presses at the now-Post building to print its editions. The Globe occupied the 12th and Delmar building — which became Tucker and Convention Plaza — until the paper folded in ’86.

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