Pruitt School, Near North Side

Update: This school closed as part of SLPS in 2010, but reopened as a charter school.

As was pointed out recently, some of the Pruitt-Igoe housing projects still exists. Besides the power substation, the Pruitt School, an elegant building of brick and marble, still stands and is in use.

The school must have fit in nicely with the well ordered streets and public areas of the housing project.

It sits with ball fields on one side, and dense underbrush on the other side.

The close proximity to downtown points to the desirability of the site, and raises questions as to why such as valuable site could site empty for so long.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i went there when it was pruitt military academy 1993-1996 was a awesome school

  2. Brenetta Payne says:

    I went to Pruitt School from Headstart-6 th grade(1966-1971). I had excellent teachers who made learning enjoyable (Mrs.Oates,Ms.Algee, Mr.
    Katzenburger, ect.)
    I learned all of my good study habits,social
    skills there. My most fun filled experience was when I learned to swim at
    DeSoto Center in the 5th grade. I really missed going to this school when moved away.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      It’s fun to hear the names of the people who actually worked at these schools; thanks for the info!

    2. Sharon Scarbrough says:

      I remember ms Algee and ms Oats
      Sharon Scarbrough

  3. Gillis MARTIN says:

    I went there in 1985, I believe I loved it ..

  4. Joe says:

    I went there in 1993 and it was a terrible place. The school was full of almost every St. Louis Public School reject. There were fights everyday with a gang mentality that quickly spreads throughout the student body.

  5. Tiffany vilven says:

    I remember only one teacher Mrs. Gilliam she was so so so mean lol

  6. Bobbie-joe says:

    hi pruitt prep school

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