Race Street Between Liberty and Elder Streets, Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

As I’ve often said, wide streets are impediments to redevelopment, and it is obvious in Over the Rhine, where Liberty Street, a major artery which widened with the demolition of buildings on its south side, has a dramatically different character to the north of that high-speed traffic boundary.

While heading north on Race Street, which is a major north-south artery, there is substantial abandonment.

While there is still plenty of rehabbing going on, much of it looks much more recent compared to south of Liberty Street.

But there are whole block fronts that are still awaiting renovation.

But then we reach Findlay Market, and there is a hub of activity.

Race Street continues up to the bluff line.

Back to Findlay Market–I was impressed by the fact that while it still has received a fair amount of “Yuppiefication,” there are still some old school vendors inside. I suppose only time will tell what its fate will be. It was definitely someplace that Soulard Market could learn from…

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  1. Clearly the tower on the “Globe” building at the end of the street once had a town clock to serve the community.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Stay tuned until tomorrow!

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