Railyards, Union Station

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There’s still a fair bit of the remnants of the distant outbuildings of Union Station, down towards the Mill Creek railyards.

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This maintenance building, now roofless, once sat right where the tracks headed into the station from the main lines.

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This gigantic crane sits where it was left; I’m glad they chose to preserve it and not cut it up for scrap.

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  1. Keith Konradi says:

    I believe the now-roofless “maintenance building” was the main interlocking tower for the station. Most of the switches to align trains in and out of the station were controlled by operators in this tower. This is the second such tower on the sight, as the first was destroyed by fire in July of 1940. This replacement tower was dedicated on November 30, 1940 (ref. Trains Magazine, March, 1978).

  2. sublunar says:

    The roofless building was TRRA Tower #1 Interlock for Union Station. Also known as Perry Tower. It’s a total wreck on the inside.

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