Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Iron and Mott Streets

Next up south of Iron Street, which doglegs at Michigan, is the old Des Peres School, which I’ve looked at before. The rest of the block has been dramatically altered with the construction of a community health center.

Crossing Holly Hills Avenue, the streetscape goes back to a more normal appearance for the area, with storefronts and houses.

What I find interesting is how there are so many more wood frame survivors in the area.

There are many houses that have been rehabbed and are in great shape.

Kinsey Residence at 6511 Michigan Avenue, Early 20th Century, Missouri History Museum, N33967

I have no idea what happened to the houses above. The addresses don’t make any sense for where they should be, and there are historic houses that look to be older than what are seen in the photographs.

The street wall is a wide variety of colors of bricks and wood siding, with houses from the mid 1800s to probably the early 1900s.

Michigan Avenue was laid out as a wider street compared to others in Carondelet.

The east side of the street has some real survivors, such as the wood frame house below with a hipped roof. In fact, I think Carondelet might have the most surviving examples of this style of roof.

This amazing double-flounder duplex, with the two houses right next to each other, creates a hipped roof, though they are still flounders.

This brick hipped roof beauty below again is a rare survivor from just after or even during the Civil War era.

At this point we cross over Holly Hills Avenue on the east side, and there are much newer buildings that surely replaced earlier houses like the ones we saw to the north.

This fire house is on the southeast corner of Soper and Michigan. The former street forms a T-intersection with the latter, and does not continue to the west.

This Greek Revival house below very well might be from before the Civil War.

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