Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Mott and Haven Streets

Mott and Michigan starts out with a large commercial building, with apartments upstairs.

But then there are some fantastic single family houses, from a variety of eras. Sadly, one of the nicest ones that is shown below is abandoned.

But then there are some nice red brick houses with what were originally shingle detailing with eclectic and even some Queen Anne styling.

There is also this great example of an Italianate style house with a hip roof.

Towering trees frame the houses on the west side when we arrive at Haven Street.

The east side of the street begins with this massive Romanesque Revival commercial building, which was definitely a bakery at some point, judging from the giant letters on the side facing Mott.

The next two two-family houses are relatively simple dating to the turn of Twentieth Century.

Then there is this wild duplex in the Italianate style with a hipped roof…

and finally an elaborate Second Empire style house, which is not nearly as common as other parts of the city.

Then we get to Haven Street again, this time on the east side of the street.

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  1. Carol.Horridge says:

    So sad. I grew up on Sarah/Laclede in 4fam flat. 2 single family houses east of mine are owned by Mary Strauss, and her 2nd husband. She and 1st husband rehabbed the FOX THEATER. These 2 homes are disasters! Holes in roof, porches/ bricks falling off. Being fined big bucks by city. HAVEN’T HAD ANYTHING DONE IN DECADES!! WHY doesn’t city take these over/sell/restore? $900,000 condos built across street. Owner of my childhood home is trying to restore it, but why would anyone want to live next door to that? Plenty of TV shows rebuild houses just as bad. Can we call them??

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Is his name Adam Strauss? It looks like Laclede Avenue LLC, the owner of the properties you’re talking about, is owned by him.

  2. I am looking for pics of my great grandfather’s tavern, which was located at 18th St. and Shenandoah Ave. back in the late 1930’s/early 1940’s. It was called Fred Moll’s Buffet.

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