Revisiting Carondelet: Steins Street Between Pennsylvania and Michigan Avenues

Steins Street is just one of those streets where you think, wow, what an amazing snapshot of what this city used to look like back before the Civil War.

200 Steins Street, After 1933, Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress, HABS MO,96-SALU,20

These are some old houses, and they have been immaculately restored. They give us a window into what the early housing stock of Carondelet and St. Louis looked like, and they will be preserved for a long time.

Greek Revival in form, we can see an early snapshot of how broader architectural trends percolated down into vernacular housing.

These are some of the other houses on the south side of the street, both in brick and in wood frame, and all some of the oldest housing stock in the city.

The north side also has some old buildings, which are true rowhouses. The brick is soft, so they are certainly from around the Civil War era, as well.

The Italianate style begins to pop up among the Greek Revival and vernacular housing.

I liked this little house that is sitting back from the street next to taller neighbors.

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  1. dale gregory says:

    my wifes great grandma Anna shackleford Bowlin owned a store around steins and vermont possibly corner of michigan and steins. We were just trying to verify thru internet records

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