Ridge Avenue Between Academy Avenue and Union Boulevard, South Side and Vicinity

I took a right down Academy Avenue from MLK and spotted these two twins at the southwest corner of Wells Avenue. This is in that “fanned” shaped area of St. Louis bounded by MLK, Kingshighway, Page and Union.

But the amazing architecture really started when I hung a right on to Ridge Avenue, and reminded myself at the incredible housing stock still so well-preserved in the western reaches of the City.

This was an upper middle to upper class area, and the houses reflect that. Redlined in the 1960s, home loans and repair loans were then made next to impossible to obtain.

But the resiliency of the building stock means that these houses will stand for a long time.

And many more people still old on, keeping their houses occupied.

You pop out at Union, and the architecture continues on the main arteries.

Simpler housing stock is also present on nearby streets of the area.

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  1. Sara says:

    My grandfather’s former house is pictured in this post.

  2. Food For Thought says:

    Does redlining cause the decline of an area?
    Or does the decline of an area cause redlining?

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