Christ’s Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, Former Euclid Baptist Church

I was almost tricked into thinking this was a former Christian Scientist church, but its proximity to one on Page Boulevard clued me in that this was not the case. It was in fact built as the Euclid Baptist Church in 1920, and served as its home until 1962, when like so many other congregations, it moved to St. Louis County.

In this case, however, it combined with another church in Edmundson, and they then built a brand new sanctuary. This Beaux-Arts building was left behind to be purchased by an African American congregation.

I am not sure, but it may be known as New Hope Baptist Church.

Regardless, I find this Modernist Sunday School wing intriguing: how many years of use did the Church actually get out of it before moving out of the City? Probably less than a decade. Things moved fast.

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