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  1. C.Ardalan says:

    Why don’t you buy it and fix it?
    Tired of belly aching , specially by those that accomplish nothing!
    Don’t talk, Do!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      if you actually bothered to check, you would know this house was taken by eminent domain by the city. The vast majority of the abandoned houses on this site are not available for sale.

      1. Chris Naffziger says:

        Furthermore, I am the president of DeSales Community Development, which has restored dozens of houses throughout the city. We also provide high quality property management for over 1400 families through the city. I put my time, money and effort where my mouth is. Do you?

        1. W. White says:

          I think the previous commenter is just a troll. Like the house you photographed could be restored. I am one of the most ardent historic preservationists around, someone who looks at a collapsing brick shell and sees potential, but this house is too far gone. It is too far gone to call a house; it is just some debris.

          Chris, I did not know what you did for a living. It sounds like a very worthy cause. I have a question that you, since you work in development in St. Louis, could probably help me with. How easy is it to purchase a property from the LRA? I have heard various stories that it is pretty much impossible, but never from anyone who personally went through the process or who works in real estate/development. I travel too much across the country to feasibly restore a house in St. Louis myself, but I am curious in case I do have the time to undertake a restoration project (again). Thanks.

    2. Ass Kicker says:

      And ass is a donkey, C. Ardalan, and its ass is you.

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