Short Street

Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 014

The City of St. Louis was not by any means laid out by a single, all powerful planner. Rather, it developed slowly, with individual subdivisions often platted by private developers. In certain places, the results are amusing, as is the case with Short Street, a small stretch of pavement that was leftover when St. Louis Place’s streets didn’t mesh very well with the streets of Old North St. Louis.

Short Street

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  1. Paul says:

    Very cool! Shortest street in STL? I thought that Hemp in FPSE held that title… Sad to see how little is left of the buildings here though.

  2. CfR says:

    I dunno, “Race Course Ave.” in next to tower grove and vandeventer is pretty stubby too!

  3. John Moynihan says:

    We called this “Dead Man’s Curve”. Just to the left of center of this picture there used to be a bench my friends and I would sit on. The house in the distance (behind the car) belonged to the Garcia family. On the left, through the trees, you can see the front gable of the house I grew up in.

  4. Ivan Berry says:

    I thought maybe Provenchere Pl. just off Lemp St. was the shortest street in St. Louis . Only two houses there. Cave St. is also very short .

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Race Course Avenue, just north of the intersection of Tower Grove Avenue and Vandeventer Avenue, is also an incredibly short street. Provenchere Place is about one block long.

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