Skybridge Coming Down

They’re tearing down the bridge over Washington Avenue, and as one poster on the Post-Dispatch comment section said (I know, an intelligent comment from that forum?), you could probably put the officials’ remarks today next to the ones said 25 years ago, and they’d be nearly identical. BS like this will transform downtown, the best thing to happen to downtown in decades, blah, blah, blah. Of course it’s a big deal, but it will not magically transform downtown like they’re claiming it will. The buildings east of the skybridge will most certainly be more desirable, but of course we still will have the urban atrocity known as the elevated lanes of I-70.

For the record, I thought the interior of St. Louis Centre was stunning; it was beautiful, and still structurally stable. They’re yet again tearing down functionally usable space in downtown. Coupled with a rebuilding of the exterior to include windows, the Centre would have made for a perfect office building, flooded with light to increase the morale of its workers. As is now proposed, it will be another sparsely filled parking garage.

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  1. The entire project is a disgrace.

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