Kinloch, Part 4

Spurred by myfirst, uninformed visitto Kinloch over a year ago, this time I was able to tour the town with Bryce Robinson, who works in the town, giving me a much better look at this historic community.

In an attempt to add population to the city of Kinloch, many apartment buildings were built in the 1960’s and 70’s. Most of these buildings now are unfortunately abandoned; some were snatched up by the airport, such as these burned out hulls in the center of town, while some seem to have been abandoned gradually.

I like these apartments; something about their 1980’s Post-Modern look reminds me of my childhood.

Reutilization of these properties could be a key to improving Kinloch’s future prospects.

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  1. When I was a child in the 1960's (we lived in Normandy) the then mayor of Kinloch, who was a jazz aficionado, would visit the clubs where my dad was playing (piano) and then sometimes come to the house afterwards for a drink or jam session. (At 2AM!) I remember he was a large black man who smoked cigars and wore a bowler hat.

  2. Seasaidh Guthrie says:

    I loved Kinloch so much. It’s where I lived half my life. I hope hope life is breathed back into it. I grew up at 5696 Jones Apt D in the 80’s. ?

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