Some Things Never Change

Copyright St. Louis Patina -8442

Update: As of the summer of 2023, little has changed at the compound shown above other than the fence being painted red (fifth photo).

The survivalist compound is doing fine on N. Market Street.

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The vacant gas station at St. Louis Avenue and Parnell, where a homeless couple died in a fire years ago, has not changed.

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Update: The church above was demolished in 2017 for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The little church you can see in the background of the implosion of Pruitt-Igoe, missing its steeple, still stands, though I’ve been told the congregation, after the death of its founder and forthcoming eminent domain demolition, has moved to a church over by the Dome.

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And as usual, rich people get away without having to maintain their property like the rest of us.

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