JeffVanderLou and St. Louis Place, Early Summer 2023

Heading east of St. Louis Avenue, I looked at the north side of that thoroughfare, having looked at the south of the street in two parts, here and here back in July of 2022.

There is still a large part of JeffVanderLou west of North Grand Boulevard, even if most of the huge neighborhood is east of that major north-south artery.

It seems like the renovation of the church below, bought from the sheriff’s tax sale several years ago, has stopped. It sits abandoned.

The daycare below is still listed as being open below; it is one of the great mysteries in the City that I have not been able to solve.

And the warehouse below has been fully renovated and seems to be a part of the larger Sensient colors manufacturing campus.

Moving across North Jefferson Avenue into St. Louis Place, I looked at a couple of buildings that are doing well. It’s not all bad news.

These are both on Warren Street.

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