South Kingshighway and Gibson Avenue, The Grove

Heading north up what is actually the old orientation of Kingshighway before it was swept to the northwest to create the cloverleaf with Highway 40, we see that the normal streetwall of this part of the Grove is two or three story buildings, not six or seven. The old Lambskin Temple. a Masonic building, has been successfully converted into housing, not demolished.

This church is really a nice composition, an example of early Twentieth Century English Gothic Revival at only a “one story” height. At one point it was going to be incorporated as the lobby of a hotel. I guess that’s never happening.

Around the corner onto the 4500 block of Gibson, we see more of what is the normal and historic nature of the Grove, which is single family and two- or four-family housing.

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  1. molly says:

    These are great shots of these structures!! Especially the temple, that place looks pretty cool.

  2. molly says:

    I love the maps you made for each neighborhood, and how you can zoom in and out! I just love maps, and for me, it helps to see the image of the map in my head while Iam driving around. I also think that STL is a pretty easy city to get around, it’s a simple layout, if you know the direction you are headed, north or south, east or west, you can find your way around the city rather easily. Or maybe it’s just that I have lived here long enough to know where I am all the time?!! Lolol!! So many people dont know their direction , and want to rely on turn left, or right, instead of go east or west on a certain road. It’s important to know how to figure out the direction you are heading, then you won’t be lost for long. I digress, good job on the maps Brotha!!

  3. Joann Garza says:

    After reading Molly’s comment, I realized I could go to your city map links, find the section of city, and zoom in to find the streets referenced in the post. Eureka!! So simple. I have been searching, by intersection, on google maps, in a different window, all this time. Would you consider starting each post with a city map label (Tower Grove East, Benton Park West, etc.)? Thanks for all your hard work.
    It’s obvious you enjoy it, and so do we.

  4. Hans Lothander ,Walbridge, Class of 1967 says:

    Joann Garza was on the right track. I grew up in stlouis in the late 50s thru the 70s, moved around a lot, rode around a bunch, but forget the intersections, et al, (except in walnut park). So I often get out my AAA map. It’s quite cumbersome. Try to mention nearby landmarks or such.
    I check in everyday. Thx for what you’re doing.

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