South Public Super Market

Update: This is the old Carondelet South Market. The old North Carondelet City Market can be seen here, converted into the historic African American Quinn Chapel AME Church. Historic photo added in October of 2021.

This is clearly an older market building, but it has received multiple additions of the years, expanding to its current size.

Richard Henry Furhmann, South Super Market, South Broadway and Schirmer, Carondelet, c. 1930, Missouri History Museum, P0764-00020-8g

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  1. Ray Phillips says:

    I live a couple blocks away from this market on Minnesota. It’s a neat little building and the folks seem nice enough. It’s essentially a gas station without the gas. Prices are inflated but if you need something quick or want to walk, it’s a great alternative.

  2. Ray Phillips says:

    Oh, and I’m sure you know this, but this is in the Patch neighborhood, not Corondelet. I know most everyone considers Patch Corondelete, but they are distinct neighborhoods!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Yeah, I simplified many of the neighborhoods of St. Louis; many people I’ve talked to who live in your neighborhood called it Carondelet when they were growing up. Carondelet Bakery, on Ivory Avenue, is an example.

      1. Ray Phillips says:

        Yeah, I know. There’s even signs all over saying “City of Corondelet”. Patch is inside the old Corondelet city limits, which adds to the confusion. But all the same, it’s a great place to live!

  3. Mario J Reyes says:

    Carondelet actually was from Meramac St all the way to Jefferson Barracks Bridge and west to Morganford Rd. The land that is Jefferson Barracks Park, Jeffersoan Barracks and Jefferson Barracks-VA was sold by the City of Carondelet to the federal government to create Jefferson Barracks as a military garrison.
    Like the City of St Louis has neighborhoods so did and does Carondelet.

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