St. Louis Avenue West of North Florissant Avenue

I’ve sporadically photographed the block just to the west of North Florissant Avenue, and mainly the buildings on the south side of the street. They’ve all been destroyed on the south side: first the Winkelmann Mansion, then a row of houses in a fire.

But the north side of the street has some amazing buildings left, including the house above that probably dates to the 1860s.

I’ve photographed this building below (last photo), which is occupied and with a restaurant on the first floor. It will be safe for a long time.

Update: The building below was gutted by fire in May of 2021. As of the winter of 2022, it was still a burned out shell. Its ruins were finally demolished by the summer of 2022.

Then there’s this long suffering six-family building, which I worry will not last long enough for renovation to bring it back to life. I photographed it back in July of 2018 (last photo).

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