St. Louis Centre, Eviscerated

Alerted by a post at Vanishing St. Louis, I decided to use the new St. Louis Centre Memorial Parking Garage last Friday. That was a big mistake.

I had already seen the new exterior, but I wanted the opportunity to see the new parking garage built in the floors of the old mall. I must say, it is the most open, light-filled parking garage I have ever parked my car in, but when I tried to exit by a staircase, I was greeted by signs saying that the exit was for emergencies only. I had to go back up the stairs, checked to verify that there was in fact no sign saying that I couldn’t use that staircase, and eventually just took an elevator down to 7th Street. What a bizarre place.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember when St. Louis Centre was built. It was the hottest thing going, along with Union Station. That was during the early 80s mini-rennaisance of the city, before the yuppie-types (no disparagement intended) in my then age group had kids and fled their new urban digs for the burbs.

  2. Jenn says:

    My first job was at St. Louis Centre just a few steps away from where those photos were taken. I have some great memories of all that glass and chrome and white tile. I'm glad they kept the original roof. It may seem like the relic of a tacky homage to American consumerism now, but it will have a great 'patina' in the future.Cheers!

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