St. Louis Mart and Terminal Warehouse

Tower Drove Park, Downtown and Calvary Cemetery 022

I call the St. Louis Mart and Terminal Warehouse the tallest historic skyscraper in St. Louis that everyone forgets about. It sits to the south of the main cluster of skyscrapers, off by itself in many ways, alluding to its original use.


Constructed originally as the headquarters of the Terminal Railroad Association, the cooperative in charge of managing the movement of trains through St. Louis for the five major railroads in town, the building also featured showrooms for machinery, and warehouse space. Its location, right on the rail lines that still bisect the city made it prime real estate when it opened in 1933.

Tower Drove Park, Downtown and Calvary Cemetery 023

Designed by Preston Bradshaw, the building, along with Missouri Pacific and Bell Telephone buildings, represents the changing styles of skyscraper architecture in St. Louis. Built in the emergent Art-Deco style, it represented a shift away from the dominance of Chicago School buildings.

Tower Drove Park, Downtown and Calvary Cemetery 024

Restored by the government, which has owned it since 1941, the building still retains its unique Art-Deco ornamentation. It’s a shame the building isn’t in a more pedestrian friendly part of the city.

Tower Drove Park, Downtown and Calvary Cemetery 025

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  1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood says:

    Way back when – actually 50 years ago this month – I was there for a physical for the draft.

  2. WHH says:

    What is the address of the building?

    1. Thomas Maher says:

      1222 Spruce Street

  3. Sam A Morrison says:

    My name is Sam I am looking to find a phone number for a company that i worked for back in 1967-68-and 69 the company was called St Louis terminal field warehouse If anybody can help me i would love that Please HELP

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