St. Marcus United Church of Christ

I could have sworn I’ve photographed St. Marcus United Church of Christ before, which originally was an German Evangelisch denomination originally before it combined with the Reformed Church and others in the 1950s to become the United Church of Christ. This building was completed in 1915.

This church is perhaps best known for being the namesake of Old and New St. Marcus cemeteries, the former having been the subject of horrible abandonment and vandalism before its conversion into a park, and the latter a well-managed and picturesque burial ground just over the border in Affton (a stepson of Adam Lemp is buried there).

As was common with German originated Protestant denominations in the early Twentieth Century, as we saw at Friedens German Evangelisch Church up in Hyde Park, architects and their patrons adopted an English Gothic Revival style for the church.

The previous location was deep in the oldest parts of the city, at Third and Lafayette. There was once a bell tower over the main entrance, but it was gone by the time this photo was taken.

St. Marcus German Evangelical Church, Later B’Nai Zion Congregation Temple, 301 Lafayette Avenue, Photograph by William Swekosky, 1960, Missouri History Museum, N05206

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  1. Elcee says:

    This looks like same church that became B’nai Zion synagogue.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      That is correct; I should have mentioned that.

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