St. Vincent’s, Revisited

Update: Damaged by fire on June 11, 2020.

I thought it was time to swing back by the old St. Vincent’s Hospital just north of St. Charles Rock Road, when the light was getting long and the eastern faade was beginning to be shrouded in shadows.

The building was designed in the Kirkbride manner, which is a series of dogleg turns in the long hallways that step back from the central corridor with the front entrance.

There is a road that goes around to the western, back side of the old hospital, where there are now some exterior fire escape staircase added on to the outside of the building.

I don’t remember there being a nursing home in the Modernist wing to the south, but there is now for sure, and there is a chain link fence to the left of this photo below that prevents residents from leaving an outside exercise yard.

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