Star Packing Company

Yes, there is a slaughter house left in the City of St. Louis. Now known as Star Packing, it was once, based off of ghost signs also known as United Meat Co., among others. This was apparently, based off of Sanborn Maps, once sort of a meatpacking district one hundred years ago. It provides Kosher and Halal meat to many grocery stores and restaurants. Located on Cote Brilliante Avenue in between Vandeventer and Prairie Avenues in the JeffVanderLou neighborhood, it is now surrounded by a church, vacant lots and scrapyards.

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  1. constance says:

    A year and 22 minutes ago today, six cows escaped from this slaughterhouse and ran amok through N. City. It took a long time to recapture the animals and the local residents were completely shocked to find that this place was in their midst. The cows are safe and happy now and we held a vigil yesterday at the plant. We talked to many residents who lived nearby – within a block even – who STILL didn’t know that this place slaughters animals. I guess it’s because nobody ever actually WALKS around near this particular block enough to notice the piles of manure and trash and hear the animals calling out. But anyway, it’s so very surreal to see this in the midst of North City.

  2. John Presley says:

    I have Sheep, Lambs, Goats, Kids, Cattle and Calves. If you buy from individuals, I would like to be your supplier.

  3. Jonathan Cragoe says:

    I want Halal Beef Kidney Suet

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