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  1. Therese Dolan says:

    I thought it was the building on the corner of Shenandoah and s. Grand.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Therese, that was a later location on South Grand; this is where it all started.

  2. Therese Dolan says:

    Ahhh, thanks for the clarification

  3. Paul says:

    Which building was this? Do you have a before photo?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I do…somewhere. I couldn’t find it when I went looking for it. It was a Romanesque Revival structure, two stories tall, last used as an African-American veterans’ hall. You can see it just to the left of the speed limit sign.


  4. Brandon R. says:

    I think this is where they’re moving the Charlesetta Taylor house on North Market to. I went by a few days ago and foundation work is being done.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Yes, that’s my understanding, too.

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