Brentmoor Park

Composed of only less than a dozen houses, Brentmoor Park may be the most exclusive historic private suburb in St. Louis. Designed by Henry Wright, it sits on the northwest corner of Wydown and Big Bend. The most distinguishing feature is the large park that lines a natural valley in the center of the neighborhood.


Originally the country estate of Robert Carr, Carrswold is one of several private streets created in the 1920’s in Clayton just west of the St. Louis Boundary and Big Bend Road. Heavily Tudor Revival in style, the mansions of the private subdivision are laid out on large lots, with sweeping boulevards, really parks in their…

Streetcar Shelters, Wydown Boulevard, Clayton

Originally I thought these turn of the century streetcar shelters at the front gates of some of the most exclusive private streets in the inner ring of St. Louis were for businessmen going downtown, until I was politely corrected by colleagues and informed that these were actually for their hired help. I particularly like the…

New and Old in Clayton

It’s interesting to see a church, once probably the tallest building in downtown Clayton, dwarfed by a newer office building. Is it particularly aesthetically pleasing? No, but I’ve seen it all over the United States.

A Sad Statement on Automobile/Pedestrian Relations in America

I want to start by saying that I’m not complaining about Clayton putting this sign up, but rather that they felt the need to have to do it. It should go without saying that pedestrians have the right of way when they have the “walk sign” or at any time at a four-way stop. It’s…

Old-School Buildings, Clayton

Old and New Clayton sit right next to each other, as these various low-rise buildings from the early Twentieth Century demonstrate.

County Police Headquarters, Clayton

One of the last government buildings left from the old era of Clayton, the police headquarters has yet to be replaced by a new, more modern building. This was the former courthouse, before the current Modernist one. It’s a restrained building, though not without its merits.