Main Street, Louisiana, Missouri

The beautiful architecture continues, and quiet descends on Main Street, one block east of Third Street (seriously, the lack of mufflers on the trucks in Louisiana is a serious detractor from quality of life). Above, there’s a Gothic Revival cottage, and below there’s a rare Italianate villa with its tower placed on the front facade.

There’s even a second Gothic Revival house, which is rare to see on the same street.

The ruggedness of the terrain is demonstrated as we look down on this Italianate house…

…which has a different perspective from looking at it from straight on.

Interestingly, this house below appears to have been built as a lopsided duplex, with three-fifths of the bays on the left being one home, and the two bays on the right being what was probably a rental unit.

This, if I remember correctly, were the offices of a lumber or forestry company. Huge amounts of lumber came down the Mississippi from the North Woods to St. Louis and beyond.

There are some beautiful restored commercial buildings in town, as well.

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