Third Street, Louisiana, Missouri

Third Street is the main north-south corridor in Louisiana, Missouri, heading up to the bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River. The bridge was actually just replaced in the last year or so, and recently removed.

Third Street rises dramatically up the hill towards the bridge (which has no western approaches since the bluff is level with the bridge deck), and it is lined with a stunning array of buildings, including the town’s library, in an English Gothic Revival style.

Then there are a row of beautiful houses from the mid to late Nineteenth Century, including this restrained Italianate house.

Then there are these houses, obviously built at the same time; I suspect the owner built the house on the right, and then speculatively built the two attached houses on the left for an investment, either renting them or selling them outright.

On the other side is this abandoned Greek Revival house, which I suspect could be bought for the right price, and be a great rehab opportunity.

But the Greek Revival can also be simple, as seen below in this central hall house.

There are also Queen Anne houses, obviously stripped of deteriorated millwork.

And then there’s more of the amazing variations of the Italianate style.

Instead of a cupola, this house has what’s known as a “widow’s walk,” which surely provides amazing views of the Mississippi River and surrounding valleys.

The Queen Anne style can also use brick as the primary building material.

This house sits high on a hill, and here we turned east towards Main Street.

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