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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    Taylor, and in particular North Taylor (and environs), is the frou-frou area of “old” Kirkwood where many of the “movers and shakers” have lived for many generations. The streets are smooth, the potholes are fixed immediately, etc and many etcs.
    My family moved here in 1942 and despite my currently 61-years residency, I am not a REAL Kirkwoodian, as I did not attend KHS, but Clayton Road HS (and that goes for any mackeralsnapper school attendees).
    I will give props to that ‘hood, however; there are many drop-dead homes that are well-maintained.
    I live in the “tear-down town for McMansions ” part of it …
    Rant over …

  2. K says:

    Interestingly, Taylor near these homes has recently been bike lane-striped in Kwds new Complete Streets efforts. Would that they gave Kirkwood Rd through the town such attention.

  3. THOMAS F MAHER says:

    Bike lane markings on Kirkwood Road? Pray, “K,” how would you accomplish that – perhaps eliminate the sidewalks? Perhaps eliminate parking? Chuckle …
    A hearty “Bronx Cheer” to my city’s bike-lane efforts, putting markings throughout the city, and in particular putting the bike symbol down the middle of the lanes on Ballas (and other) roads, thereby encouraging riders to stay in the middle of the lane instead of staying to the right.
    Earlier this week I nearly struck two fools on scooters one evening who continued to use the bike lane for their scooters as I was turning into the 7-11 on Woodbine; I stopped short – they blithely continued on their way …

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