The Beauty of Dutchtown, 54: Oregon Avenue Between Osceola and Chariton Streets

The Beauty of Dutchtown Series left off with No. 53

Heading north up Oregon Avenue away from Osceola Street, we look at the west side of the street first.

While most of houses look to be from the early Twentieth Century, there are the occasional earlier house such as the Italianate house below.

There is a wide variety of housing styles, showing that the block developed slowly over the course of decades.

There is even this house below from the 1940s.

With these houses we get to Chariton Street. Note how elaborate the house on the right is.

Turning around and heading south, there are much older houses from around the Civil War, such as this c

Many of these buildings show their construction is from the early Twentieth Century when Dutchtown began to fill out finally.

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