The Beauty of Dutchtown, 55: Oregon Avenue Between Chariton and Meramec Streets

Crossing over Chariton Street, we continue north, looking at the west side of the street, again seeing mostly houses from the early Twentieth Century.

But there is a smattering of Second Empire houses from the 1870s, as well. There is also that amazing house with Formstone plastered on its front façade.

Past the brick house is an abandoned wood frame house that probably was built in the first generation of construction when this was far out in the country.

We then make it to the corner with Meramec Street, which you can see here and here.

We turn around and head south looking at the east side of the street, where again we see three generations of houses: wood frame from the earliest years of habitation, then a brick bungalow from the Nineteenth Century on the left, and then a two-family on the right from the early Twentieth Century.

That little wood frame guy above is the real survivor; it’s low density and is perhaps from the 1860s. It was a cottage out in the wilderness when first built.

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