The Beauty of Dutchtown, 96: Tennessee Avenue Between Eichelberger and Walsh Streets, West Side

The Beauty of Dutchtown left off with No. 95.

I’m going deep to the southern edge of what I consider to be Dutchtown, and heading north up Tennessee Avenue, starting at the intersection of Eichelberger Street, looking at the west side.

In many ways, at least on this block, the housing stock reminds of Bevo, which is to the northwest of here.

Something that is also striking about this block, and which is probably evident in the sun-dappled photographs, is how many healthy street trees are left on this block. So much of the inner part of the South Side is now denuded of trees, and not because of Dutch Elm or Emerald Ash Borers, but rather just decades of lack of maintenance of the canopy.

I loved seeing how this block is still covered with shade.

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