The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 22: Minnesota Avenue Between Itaska and Mount Pleasant Streets, West Side

Crossing Itaska Street and moving north towards Mount Pleasant Street (this part of Dutchtown is technically named after this street), we come across this beautiful Greek Revival house below, with a small neighbor set back from the street. I think it’s important for everyone to realize how beautiful these little guys are, even though they’re not recognized very often. They’re efficient little houses, and have a certain elegance as reflected in their Greek roots in their proportions. Their dormer windows are inspired by Greek temple fronts.

I didn’t photograph the house on the left below well, but it has a little gabled roof, and is probably very, very old. It has an extension out the back.

Then there is a row of 1920s two-family apartment buildings, showing there was still a lot of vacant land here even into the Twentieth Century.

A massive corner store building sits on the southwest corner with Mount Pleasant Street, waiting for someone to move their business in downstairs and their family upstairs.

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