The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 26: Oregon Avenue Between Osceola and Chariton Streets, West Side

Oregon Avenue north of Osceola Street represents the “standard” Dutchtown block; there is a mix of housing styles from the early Twentieth Century, with a few houses thrown in here and there from the Nineteenth Century after the Civil War.

The above houses are all wonderful, but the house that drew my attention was the one story house below. It is bedecked with a greater amount of ornamentation, and also once clearly had a more elaborate front porch. I have seen another outlier such as this on Compton Avenue in Dutchtown.

Complete with terracotta fleur-de-lis and what look to be lions, as well as ornamental swags, the cornice is exceptional. The quioning along the edges in buff brick are also a standout touch. I suspect the owner may have been a foreman in the building trades.

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