The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 25: Osceola Street Between Nebraska and California Avenues

Osceola Street, due to the superblock that was the former Maryville campus and right-of-way for I-55, is the first through east-west through street west into Dutchtown from South Broadway south of Meramec Street. Consequently, there is a lot of high speed traffic, which is unfortunate, as there are many beautiful houses in between Nebraska and California avenues. For example, the tan brick Second Empire hybrid above is fascinating, sitting right next to an even older wood frame house.

The Second Empire house below is interesting, as well. If you look closely, you will see that there is a front door, but also a side door. I’ve seen this before; this is most likely two houses, with the door in front serving the house on the right, and the door on the side serving the house on the left.

Then there’s this style of house, which is a two-family flat, with its distinctive green glazed tile roof and balcony. I’ve seen these throughout the city.

More of the famous one-story South City side entry houses finish out the block between Oregon and California avenues.

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