The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 34: California Avenue Between Meramec and Gasconade Streets

California Avenue is one of those streets that makes it a long way, all the way to Chouteau Avenue. But down in Dutchtown, just north of Meramec, it is a quiet stretch with an interesting mix of houses.

Perhaps of most interest are a group of these guys, one of which is shown below. There is brick behind the siding. It’s such a great example of how even high style was provided to small houses.

And then, on the east side of the street, we have this severely jazzed up Second Empire house, which probably didn’t even have a front door but rather on the side, let alone have a front porch.

The street wall undulates back and forth depending on the decade of construction.

And finally, before getting back to Meramec, we see the back of Meramec Elementary.

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