The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 38: Virginia Avenue Between Fassen and Eichelberger Streets

Crossing over Fassen heading towards Eichelberger, there are more commercial buildings, including one that has suffered a collapse of its cornice. It is by no means beyond repair, and I have seen buildings in far worse shape be fixed.

The storefront below is a great example of how commercial styles changed; the adapted Mansard roof shows the building’s age, but down below the large plate glass window was filled in with later brick that is a of lighter color, most likely from the mid-Twentieth Century.

Crossing over and heading south, we see the traditional style of house in Dutchtown, whether it’s one story or two story. Wood ornament is gone, replaced either with brick and terracotta or pressed tin cornices put in place in one piece.

I like how the houses are placed on their lots to work with the diagonal street, not against it.

Finally, there is this unique storefront, which almost certainly would not originally had those shutters or be painted.

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      Thanks for sharing these links! That’s a great website.

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