The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 6, Iowa Avenue Between Osage and Keokuk Streets

Update: I went back and revisited this block in July of 2020.

My first post ever for Dutchtown was this block of Iowa between Osage and Keokuk streets, where the old St. Thomas of Aquin Roman Catholic Church stands. It is now occupied by another congregation, which is maintaining the building admirably. Sadly, its old parish school is still sitting abandoned, as I documented back in back in August of 2017.

I love the architecture of this church; it is simple Gothic Revival with that interesting Bavarian-like bell tower on the side. The convent is across the intersection, from what I was told.

Update: It turns out this tower was not original, but once held a much higher spire, which in hindsight would be much more in keeping with the overall style of the church. The front faade seems to have been simplified, as well.

St. Thomas Aquin Church at the Corner of Iowa and Osage Street, 1880-1920, Missouri History Museum, P0245-S03-00065-6g

The house below was seemingly in good condition when I photographed it over a decade ago, but apparently the red paint was hiding some serious tuckpointing and masonry issues, which are now being fixed.

Below, we can see how the front of this house was simplified, with the peaked roof on the facade removed and capped. But the stains from where the cast-iron details still show on the brick.

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