The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 7, Keokuk Street Between Nebraska and Ohio Avenues

The east-west “Indian Tribe” streets in Dutchtown have a totally different feel from their north-south “State Streets” neighbors. The houses seem to have a much wider variety, do not seem to have been built in tracts, and have a wider variety of styles (though there are exceptions. Take the house above; it probably dates from just after the Civil War, with a picture window added in the mid Twentieth Century.

The streets are also about half the length of the north-south streets; remember, this neighborhood is far south of downtown, so it was oriented to maximize short walks to streetcar lines that headed towards the central city.

There is a community garden at the corner of Keokuk and California.

Then there are some stately homes, built probably by upper middle class residents, such as brewmasters or doctors.

This picturesque house below, asymmetrical and replete with a turret that probably once had cedar or fish scale shingles, was one of my favorites.

Then early Twentieth Century houses fill in the next block.

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