The Case of the Mysteriously Vanishing Rock Piles

Update: The stones were moved to the winery, and a small memorial was built with stones from the church on the former site in Rock Hill.

I covered the shameful desecration of Rock Hill Presbyterian last year, and a friend and I drove out to see how progress on the reconstruction was going. It turns out the stones had been dumped on a couple of old concrete mobile home pads. How do I know?

The stones are gone, except for some little fist-sized remnants lying on the concrete. Where did the stones from the old church go? There is no new construction at the winery up the hill. I have a bad feeling that the lofty goal of rebuilding the church died, and the stones were sold off for fill. What a sad coda for such an historic church.

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  1. Donia Hunter says:

    My friend and I had been monitoring the remains of the historic Rock Hill Pres Church as well. Yes we also saw the four piles of rubble that Ugas dumped in Foristal on the road leading to the Winery. We never felt that there was any honest attempt to rebuild a chapel as “they” simply scooped the stones up all broken and smashed into a dump truck and tossed them out on the ground in Foristal. Wouldn’t the stones have been marked and tagged and taken apart carefully if a building were to be reassembled? In truth, someone got the beautiful stained glass church windows in exchange for hauling the Church “rubble” out of Rock Hill to save the City and their cohorts embarrassment.

    1. samizdat says:

      “Wouldnt the stones have been marked and tagged and taken apart carefully if a building were to be reassembled?”

      In a word: Yes.

  2. casey f. ryback says:

    Nothing short of a miserable embarrassment on our city.

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