Notre Dame de Lourdes, Wellston

The Roman Catholic parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Wellston, just a stone’s throw from the St. Louis border, was open from 1902 to 1992, when it closed and sold to a Pentecostal church. I am not sure, but at least the adjacent rectory is abandoned, boarded up with faded plywood. Is the church closed, too? I do not know.

It is a fascinating example of early Twentieth Century Romanesque Revival, at a time when many architects were building English Gothic Revival churches. Sadly, the area is suffering from considerable abandonment.

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  1. Theresa R Gander says:

    I went to Kindergarten here at the school. I was baptized here as well as my Mom & Dad were married here. Beautiful church. My grandmother would take me often to light candles. Mass was said in Latin. The good ole days for sure! We lived on Delaware. Can’t remember the address.

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