The Climatron, Revisited

While not actually designed by R. Buckminster Fuller, the Climatron® remains one of the most important building to be influenced by his principles of the geodesic dome. It was actually designed by the St. Louis firm of Murphy and Mackey, which is still active here and opened in 1960, during a period of optimism in the city.

Emphasizing simplicity of design and ornament, and building upon earlier advances in iron and steel construction that eliminated interior supports in the Nineteenth Century, it is essentially a giant greenhouse.

The Climatron is one of those buildings that St. Louisans might not realize features as one of the critical moments in the history of world architecture. I looked at it way back in May of 2013.

Of course, there was an earlier greenhouse on the site, which can be seen in this photograph, which was taken less than a decade before its demolition and replacement by the Climatron.

© Dorrill Studio, Missouri Botanical Garden, 4344 Shaw Blvd, c. 1955, Missouri History Museum, P0243-12730-01-4a

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