The East End of Ellendale

I think I may have found one of the most isolated and well-kept secret streets in St. Louis. At the far east end of Ellendale, just west of Hampton is a couple of streets with wood frame houses, dating from at least one hundred years ago.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, St. Louis, Missouri, 1903 January, sheet 045

There is one industrial building, which unfortunately is not labeled on the Sanborn map, even though it appears in the lower left. It was probably related to the railroad.

Are they the most elaborate houses in St. Louis? Certainly not, but they are all well-maintained and occupied.

I’m curious why the second house to the left has a small patch of vinyl siding in the middle of its asphalt shingles.

To the south, the giant railroad lines that snake through the southwest portion of the city cut the area off from Manchester Avenue.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    Re that isolated and interesting industrial building – on Google driveby at 38.618378,-90.294364 , there is a Channel 4 newsvan parked, with someone standing outside and taking a photo of – ?. No other activity on the street, save the Google car. I wonder what was up with that?

  2. casey f. ryback says:

    According to The Landmark Association’s FB page: “The building is an early union hall – Vera Lodge – at 6319 Wilson Avenue (near Clifton Heights). It was constructed in1890 for the Ancient Order of United Workman (AOUW) in 1890. The building has also been used as an industrial property, housing both oil and clothing factories during the early-to-mid 1900s.”

    1. Chris Naffziger says:


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