The Last of Its Kind, Samuel Shepard Drive


Update: Damaged by storms in August of 2017. Demolished in the spring of 2019.

This little guy is the last of what was originally five row houses, perhaps only saved because it used its stout neighbors for support.


But it gets even more exciting on the side, where obvious signs of the neighboring house are preserved in brick.


Fire places and floor joist holes are filled in with brick, probably during demolition.


The settling is causing the brick “plugs” to pop out.


And look at that, you can see coal soot still stuck to the walls of the chimney flue.


We’re not sure, but it looks like the right side of the first floor window is actually preserved here, below.


In the back, on the side of the half-flounder service wing, remnants of the back porch and stairs still exists.


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  1. W. White says:

    They also used the wrong brick and mortar for the repairs, which is not helping. Modern concrete-based mortars and old brick are a bad combination that will destroy the old brick in time. Between that, the water infiltration, and the settling, and you get a wall that looks like this one.

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