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  1. Elsie says:

    About 40, 50 years ago, there were “bridle paths” through Forest Park. I think people who lived across Lindell had stables behind their homes and would ride their horses over there. Somewhere, maybe by the old Arena, was Missouri Stables. Some of these unpaved roads may be remnants of the horse paths.

  2. Jon says:

    My brother was a trail guide at Missouri Stables. There was a tunnel under 40/64 to allow the horses access to the park.
    In fact, we lived in part of the stable building that was converted to a home. My bedroom was once a horse stall.

  3. Elsie says:

    Thanks Jon! Where was the stable? Do you have any pics?

  4. Jon says:

    Sorry, no pics. The stable was on Berthold Ave at Macklind. I was 3 or 4 when we lived there.

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