The Sun Sets on Crestwood Mall


I stopped by the Crestwood Sears last Thursday, looking for some good going-out-of-business-sale deals. I found the store just about completely stripped of all of its merchandise. I spent a lot of time at Crestwood Mall in the early 1990’s, and it honestly pains me to see it close for good. Examining the Sears merchandise, I saw no problems in quality, nor in price. It just seems like shopping habits of St. Louis had passed Crestwood Mall by. I found myself coming to the Sears closing sale several times over the last two months; while I never shopped at the store when I had hung out at the mall, I felt a sense of sad duty to come and visit my old friend on its deathbed. I knew I could do nothing to save it, but I felt like I had to come by to say goodbye. The most depressing aspect was watching the employees drag themselves through their shifts, knowing that they would soon be out of a job, and perhaps for a long time. It’s just sad to see this.

Update: Demolished in mid-2016.

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  1. I have showed up twice, during their long sale, and found that nothing has really been good or of good value. Sure, the jewelry department is selling a gold ring with a 20% discount but that isn't enough to get me to buy it. Maybe a 30 or 40% discount is enough to take away their up-charge for the gold. I want to see gold selling for less than it is worth and I'll buy everything.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree that they never had really great discounts on their stuff for a going out of business sale.

  3. Colin says:

    that's a bummer- used to love that mall. I grew up out in the country, West of here, and going to that mall in the 80's with the folks was a treat. 4 yrs ago I went to work for a small local retailer in another nearby mall- it was freaky to work at a mall, kinda fun at first. Now THEY are going out of business, so I'm looking for anything… hard to find a job with a fine arts degree, ya know…

  4. InHarmsWay says:

    Grew up in Crestwood – a mall rat before someone coined the term. Last time I was at Crestwood Plaza (couple of years ago, maybe – before art stores went in), got so depressed I haven't been back. Was the mall's decline necessary/inevitable?

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