The Tucker Tunnel, De-Tunnelized

Update: The tunnel was completely filled in by the winter of 2013.

It seems like just yesterday that the Tucker Tunnel was the center of attention as Larry Rice and his organization were threatening civil disobedience to keep a squatters’ camp in the entrance to the tunnel.

Months later, the tunnel is slowly and quietly being dismantled and filled in.

It’s a weird situation where businesses such as a McDonald’s are only accessible from their rear entrance, as their front ones end at a sharp incline.

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  1. Ken says:

    Why aren't civic leaders planning ahead? With improvements the railroad tunnel that runs under Tucker Boulevard into downtown could have been used as a segment of a rapid transit/Metro system running down Natural Bridge to North County. It could have connected to the present Metro system downtown. (Originally that tunnel connected to the tunnel that is presently being used for the downtown section of Metro). Must the City always go back to rectify mistakes knowing that many dollars could have been saved if there had been some foresight in planning. Of course, sometimes an opportunity is lost which cannot be easily undone.

  2. Chris says:

    I thought it would have been a wonderful route for the north-south Metrolink line too. Apparently they believed it was too expensive to repair the tunnel.

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