Three Year Anniversary of Saint Louis Patina: Favorite Places in St. Louis

All this week, Saint Louis Patina is looking back over the last three years, revisiting the highlights of dozens of expeditions and thousands of photographs.

Here are my top ten favorite places in the St. Louis area; these are places I have returned to time and time again for years, and captured the best photographs:

10. Lafayette Square, Near South Side

9. Benton Park, South St. Louis

8. Dutchtown, South St. Louis

7. Bellefontaine Cemetery

6. Old North St. Louis

5. Benton Park West, South St. Louis

4. Hyde Park, North St. Louis

3. St. Louis Place, North St. Louis

2. St. Augustine, St. Louis Place

1. Armour Meatpacking Plant, National Stockyards

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