Three Year Anniversary of Saint Louis Patina: Most Commented Upon Posts

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All this week, Saint Louis Patina is looking back over the last three years, revisiting the highlights of dozens of expeditions and thousands of photographs.

My website is not exactly controversial very often, but every once and a while I set someone off for some reason or another. Here are the posts with the most (and continued interest) comments, along with some posts with the most strident and bitchy comments.

Dennis is Not a Rent-a-Cop!

My post on being busted in Portland and Westmoreland Places garnered significant reader response. Apparently “Dennis” is a good guy, despite being an %&@!$ to me.

That’s Right It’s an Oratory, You Gotta a Problem with Dat?

My lament that St. Francis de Sales was demoted from a parish to an oratory hit a raw nerve with at least one reader. Message received, buddy.

Sorry Lady, Crestwood Mall is Still a Ghost Town

I wrote a very old post about the death of Crestwood Mall, before all the mom and pop art galleries moved in, and boy did I hear about it from one woman. The comment was actually so profanity laced that I didn’t publish it.

Fond Memories of Dutchtown

Originally this post was to allow my friends to see the house pictured because they were thinking about buying it. They didn’t, but I still got some great memories from people who lived in the neighborhood.

The Lemps Continue to Fascinate

I received many great comments about people who lived in or near the Lemp Estate in southwestern Kirkwood.

Castlewood’s History is Still Alive

One of my favorite places in the world is Castlewood, and I have many fond memories of hiking its trails. It seems many other people share my love of the area.

You’ve Never Heard of the Vandeventer Corridor?

Every once and a while I get some anonymous know-it-all who has to correct my posts.

April Fools!

This post speaks for itself.

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