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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    The inscription is 1866-76-86-96? Any idea on the name on the tomb?
    Would this be similar to Etruscan tombs?
    – I just demonstrated the dangers of knowing a little about a lot of things, also called a superficial knowledge…

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Tom, where on the tomb do you see these numbers?

      1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

        Chris – they are on a plaque (?) in the second row above the doorway.
        Above the numbers is a name in letters that are in an arc.
        It appears that there is a device superimposed on the numbers – it sortakinda looks like a scissors – or possibly one of those Masonic calipers (compass?).
        I just kept left-clicking and the image kept enlarging.

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