Two Unique Buildings, Olive Street Just West of North Compton Avenue

Often while sitting at the light at Olive Street and North Compton Avenue, I’ve looked to the west and seen these two buildings. I finally decided to take a look at them more closely. The first building on the right was actually the location of a western outpost of the famous Tony Faust’s restaurant.

L. Rutledge, 3221 Olive, East of Leonard, 1956, Missouri History Museum, N39177

The building on the left has an interesting history, as well.

City records say it was built in 1890, but I question whether that is accurate or not.

It has a beautiful terracotta front that only shows small amounts of damage.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL Buildings! Wouldn’t it be a great place to revive a GOOD GERMAN Restaurant? St. Louis could really use one! So much history!

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